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Generating Profit for Small Business Owners

Data is everywhere in a small business. You need to know the story YOUR business data is telling you. To do this, find the Key Performance Indicators for YOUR Business. Then determine the story by creating a Data Dashboard. Does this story match your business GOALS? Come up with a strategy to make sure the data is in line with your goals. Then add systems.

Hello! My name is Dennis Riley, I have been a business owner for over 26 years. I believe there is nothing better than owning your own business. I enjoy helping fellow entrepreneurs navigate their businesses to success! 

I am a business strategist who specializes in data and systems. What exactly does this mean? It means that I focus on helping you understand your data and how it can help your business grow. 

I want to share my experience and the lessons I have learned with you! You can learn some of my business tips with my resources page or you can see the type of philosophy I use to help my clients succeed! 

Data Benefits

Data is everywhere in your business. The question is which pieces of data are useful for your business and how do you view the data?

Data Dashboard

Just like a dashboard in a car, a business  owner needs to know what data changes to cause certain aspects of the business to rise and fall. 

Why Goals To Results

How can data help you improve and grow your business? I use 3 steps to help my clients with their business.

Best Ways to Get in Touch

There are several ways to get in touch with me. The best 2 ways are by filling out a form or setting up a session call. Your choice!

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