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Ever since the start of 2020, it seems the speed of running a business has picked up big-time! 

Now business owners feel the crunch more than ever. Time is a premium, tasks pile up, the way to reach out to clients has changed. Marketing, social media, customers, employees, venders… you name it, all has changed in one form or another. How can you get the control back?

There is a way… know your data! Know everything about it. Learn from it, then learn to control it.

There is data everywhere and it can be collected in places you probably never thought of. You have remote workers now? There is data there to help your employees do their job the most efficient way possible that will save you time and money! Customers? Yup, data there too! And I am not talking about the obvious places either.

It can be done! There is a process to this and it works! 

It is all about data, strategies and systems. You don’t believe me? Look at the links under services on this page. Then if you want to talk more, click on the calendar icon and just talk.

I am a data geek. I know data and I know where to find it, and I know how to collect it and categorize it.  I know what to look for in YOUR data. And I know how to setup strategies and systems to get the most out of a business. You want me on your side.