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Strategy is the link between Data and Systems

You can have the best car to drive and best GPS system in the car. But without a driver, you will go nowhere.

The same can be said about Strategy. It is the driver of the car. (the systems is the car and the GPS is the data in this analogy)

The driver looks at the dashboard of the car and can quickly see how the systems of the car are doing. The driver has the GPS, which is the data, to see the best route to take and what happens when a different route is taken.

There are many types of Business strategies out there. The business strategy I use for my clients combine Data Strategy and Systems Strategy. 

Data Strategy

Information is everywhere. Everything in a business can be tracked. Your business has a DNA and a footprint. Do you know what footprints your business is making?

There is so much data out there for a business. It can be overwhelming. Your data is like words in a book. The words are organized in a way to tell a story.

What is the story your business is telling? Find the story and you have a better chance of getting the results you want.

Every successful business has a data strategy. What is yours?

A strong data strategy should have minimally:

  • Determine your KPI’s
  • A way to consolidate data
  • A way to collect data
  • Data research
  • Systems in place for consistency & reliability
  • Built in check points
  • Data Dashboard for KPI’s

Make the data easy to look at in one place. This is the strength of a data dashboard customized specifically for YOUR data and your business.

Check out these examples of some data dashboards.

Systems Strategy

Your KPI’s will determine the systems you need to focus on in your business.With my clients, I look at 8 different areas where systems can be implemented. The best systems will make sure a business owner has control of the processes and can adapt and adjust when needed based on what the story the data is telling you.

Lots of problem solving, reverse engineering and analysis is needed in this area. in my opinion, this is the fun part. Working together, my clients and I get to truly affect their business based on adjustments or creation of strategies for their systems. 

In both the data and the systems, you need to match the company goals with the story. When they are not in sync, adjustments need to be made. My clients and I constantly do all of the following:

  • Analyze
  • Create
  • Review
  • Adjust

Are you ready to tackle this and meet the challenges head on? Let’s have a free 30 minute session to see if there is a fit.

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