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Why Goals To Results?

Just as humans have DNA, every business has a DNA… a data DNA. As the business owner, it is YOUR job to make sure YOU know the story your data is telling you. Do you? 

Don’t worry if you don’t, I am here to help you.

Data is in my blood

Since 1994, I have been working with data…a ton of data. I can research it, organize it, analyze it, create dashboards from it, report on it, and create systems from it.  I may geek out from it but thats the type of person you want in your corner to set everything up.

My main goal is to get you KNOWING the story of your data and strategies to adjust the data based on using systems.  


'How can I find MY Data Story?'

The story is in the data. However, there is so much data available for your business that the real story gets lost. The only way to clear out the noise is to find out your company’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). And what are your KPIs?

You need to research your existing data to see what data points are vital to your business success.  Research is done and you look for patterns by comparing several different pieces of data at different past periods of your business. After the research and analysis, you should have a pretty clear picture of your data story.

'I dont have the time and/or the skills to do this'

I hear this statement a lot. Small business owners are inundated with so much right now, they dont have the time or the skills or both to dive into their data.

Luckily for you, I love to do this. I look at your data, ask you questions, analyze the data, research more if I have to, and come up with what YOUR data is telling you.

Once I am done, we meet and go over my findings and recommendations. 

If you only need dashboards, I can set you up with a CUSTOM dashboard that pulls in your Key Performance Indicators on one platform. If you want the full package, I can go thru all 3 aspects (Data, Strategy, Systems). 

The full process consists of the following steps:

  • Research / Analyze
  • Create
  • Review
  • Adapt

Listed below are some of the details:

Data Dashboards

It all starts here!

Data is everywhere but not all data is equal. Wasting your time looking at unimportant data will cost you in the long run.

You need to know your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). If you need help with this, click here.

A dashboard in a car shows the driver only the important indicators in a car. The driver doesn’t have to know how the engine works but knows when the HOT Engine light goes on, get help quickly.

That is exactly why a business needs a data dashboard. The owner needs to know what data changes to cause certain aspects of the business to rise and fall. 

A smart dashboard requires ONE login and all the KPIs are in one place and on 1 platform.

Check out our sample dashboards we created for our clients by clicking here.


A solid strategy is the key between the data and the systems. If the strategy isn’t good, the business wont prosper.

Check out how Goals to Results combines a Data Strategy and a Systems Strategy to keep your company fine tuned by clicking here.


Did you know there are 8 Areas in a business where you can find Systems? And did you know that not one size system fits all companies?

That is why our clients have a combination of systems that work for their business. Check out systems by clicking here.


Want to work with Goals To Results? Click here to see what package works best for you.